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“The Spectron IR thermal imaging device is an incredible addition to my practice, the thermographic imaging is very welcomed by my patients. It is reliable and provides additional information to the process of managing breast health. It is very easy to use and the interpretation process is NOT complicated. I recommend the Spectron IR imaging device to any health provider that deals with women’s health care.”

Uzi Reiss, MD

“Spectron IR is a top notch company providing excellent customer service. they are friendly and very helpful. I love my camera. It is simple to use and the instruction manual that comes with the camera is very thorough. I would not hesitate to recommend this camera and company to anybody. I only wish that I would have found them sooner. It is my opinion that Spectron IR went above and beyond when they traveled all the way to Alaska to make sure my equipment was installed properly and I had proper training. I also got the pro cart. I love it. Thank you Spectron IR.”

Mona Bibb, CTT
Alaska Clinical Infrared Thermography

“Great camera. Super consistent and takes great images!”

Joe Scovell, DC
ProActive Health

“I must emphasize how very pleased I am with everyone @ Spectron IR and the camera itself. The images are truly remarkable.”

The personal service, can-do attitude, knowledge base and follow-up have been top notch. I do and will continue to recommend the camera system.”

Nina Rea, CTT
PhysioTherms, Inc.

“Images are amazing…ask my Thermologist! Tailored to my specific needs which was an amazing gift.”

Sheryl C. Hargadon, CTT
Full Circle Healing Arts

“I’ve been using Spectron IR Camera for 6 years now and love it! The tech support is wonderful.”

Geri L Quintero, CTT, LAc
Yreka Healing Arts

“The quality of the picture is wonderful – so much better than our old outdated system. It took a conscious effort on using the program as it was so different from what we were used to – now everything is very simple.”

Albie Osborn, CTT
Osborn Chiropractic

To whom it may concern,

“I want to share a novel and exciting way in which we are using the Spectron IR thermal imaging system to help identify and monitor hormonal changes in our patients. As you know, today’s patients have an increased awareness of the potential advantages of bio-identical hormones over conventional hormone replacement and are seeking advice. The Spectron IR high res thermal imaging system allows us to obtain a before treatment image to identify possible estrogen/progesterone deficiencies, a during treatment image to reinforce the treatment protocol that I have prescribed and an after treatment image to validate the treatment. We are often able to see (in the thermal images) a distinct reversal and normalization of abnormal breast vascularity associated with cancerous and precancerous conditions. I have found the images to be particularly valuable for patient involvement with a marked increase in adherence to the treatment protocol and ultimately to a successful outcome.”
Yours in Good Health,

Shanhong Lu, MD PhD
Mt. Shasta Integrative Medicine

“FEM Centre has utilized DITI for many years and we have found the Spectron IR camera and software superior to our previous equipment. The package Spectron offers has enabled us to qualitatively and quantitatively asses the rate and pattern of asymmetry of heat and vascular patterns. Due to its 307,000-pixel image capability, the quality of the image is far superior to that of the competitor. These attributes have allowed the analysis of asymmetries over a specific period by means of serial exams.”
“Additionally, we have found the software support from the staff exemplary and professional going beyond our expectations allowing us to provide the best possible care for our patients.”

Joseph McWherter, MD
FEM Centre

“Spectron IR camera systems are equivalent with the best quality available on the market. After extensive research on similar products, we choose their camera system, because the user friendly settings and system build up make such examination methods possible during everyday research use that other thermographic instruments would not allow us. The Spectron IR camera system offered adjunctive diagnostics which opens new dimensions of prevention and exploration in medicine. From reliability point of view, not only the camera system, but the operating team behind does an impeccable job, therefore I highly recommend Spectron IR camera systems for hospitals, private clinics and independent users, where efficiency and quality are basic principles.”

Zoltan Balla
ERGO-MED Gyongyos Kft.

“The ability to truly screen for potential risk, as opposed to only being able to detect existing cancers, is a critical step in lessening the devastating impact of this disease. We invested in this technology primarily to assist us in our role of adjunctively diagnosing disorders related to the spine and musculoskeletal system. But we quickly discovered that, with specialized MDs willing to read and interpret the scans, the Spectron IR camera offers significant adjunctive diagnostic benefits to both the private sector and to our physician partners across a variety of specialties.”

Ray Saeedpour, DC
Dunn Chiropractic Clinic

“Tech support helped us configure the new camera to work with our old software. Spectron was able to help save us money because our old camera that came direct from FLIR had broken and we didn’t need a whole packaged system so we were able to purchase just the camera that met our needs. Even though there was a new software, they allowed us to use our old Infrasoft which was still meeting our needs.”

“I would definitely recommend the full Spectron package to anyone looking to add Thermography services to their clinic.”

Noah Wester/Patricia Ryan, MD
Alternatives: A Center for Conscious Health

“Everything regarding your company has been wonderful. I truly appreciate all of the time that you give me when I call.”

Andrea Winarick, CTT
Atlantic Regional Thermography

“Jake has been very patient and so helpful with the initial purchase and technology training and also referred me to Dr. Amalu for the clinical certification and applications process with this equipment. I am thrilled to have his expertise and this equipment for research at our institution. Thank you.”

Susan Stockton, D.C., PhD
University of Central Missouri

“I bought the Spectron IR thermography camera a couple of years ago because I felt it exhibited the highest quality and would not settle for anything less for my patients! We have been using the camera and software and have been able to help many patients using the amazing technology! The customer service is without a doubt, one of the best. They are happy to help and give thorough instructions and assistance to me and my staff when necessary.”

Erin Van Veldhuizen, DC
Van Family Chiropractic

“I very much appreciate the customer service I have had to this date under warranty. Tom and Jake have been very supportive to the past issues. I came across issues that were easily resolved with a phone call (most of the time), with my first camera and really appreciate you guys getting back with me ASAP when trouble surfaced”

Karla Porter, R.T.(R)(CT) CTT
Insight Thermal Imaging

I cannot recommend Spectron IR enough. Because of Spectron IR and what they provide, our clinic has been able to provide a service to a countless number of people in our area that has become integral to their healthcare routine. The camera and software are of the highest quality and the support of the company is the absolute best.  If you are looking to add Thermography to your clinic or practice, look no further – Spectron is the best of the best.”

Van Merkle, DC
Take 2 Healthcare

“Spectron has been a joy to work with this past year+. The equipment is excellent, service is superb and we couldn’t be happier with our choice to purchase our infrared system!”

Renee Russo CTT
Thermography Center of Sonoma