Medical Thermography Equipment Packages

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Turnkey Practice Management Package Includes:

  • Spectron IR materials for promotion and marketing.
  • Clinical practice templates, patient forms and thermography information.
  • Spectron IR brochure and extra editable brochures.
  • Unlimited access to over a hundred documented case studies utilizing thermography.
  • Medical Infrared Imaging PowerPoint presentation.
  • Spectron IR   FDA 510(k)  Indications for use.

Included tech support (full 12 months from purchase date)

  • Instant service- Toll Free.
  • Remote support/screen sharing for accuracy.
  • 1 Year warranty.
  • FREE online equipment training provided on all Spectron IR systems.
  • Professional expedited service.
Have questions? Call 855-482-6444 for answers. Patented: US patent 8,172,242 B1 Spectron IR Products may be “shown” on flyers, internet, pictures, videos, etc. that may differ from actual products received. Spectron IR reserves the right to modify design changes while maintaining similar functionality.