Medical Thermography Equipment Packages

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Turnkey Practice Management Package Includes:

  • Spectron IR materials for promotion and marketing.
  • Clinical practice templates, patient forms and thermography information.
  • Spectron IR brochure and an extra editable brochure.
  • Unlimited access to over a hundred documented case studies utilizing thermography.
  • Medical Infrared Imaging PowerPoint presentation.
  • Spectron IR FDA 510(k) Indications for use.

INCLUDED TECH SUPPORT (Full 12 months from purchase date)

  • Instant service- Toll Free.
  • Remote support/screen sharing for accuracy.
  • 1 Year warranty.
  • FREE online equipment training provided on all Spectron IR systems.
  • Professional expedited service.

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Patented: US patent 8,172,242 B1